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Sony a6000 promises world's fastest AF

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Too bad it doesn't have 4K or it would be more interesting.
The Sony A6000 main selling point is the world’s fastest AF (0,06 sec) that covers an area of 92% of the whole sensor (with 179 Af points!). That spec alone makes it the best autofocusing camera to date and not even a $7000 DSLR can beat that!

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jobiba: Well I took your advice and took a look at this even more and liked it over the D5300 I was shooting with, no comparisons on video, hands down one of the best cameras I have seen "this size" shooting 1080p/60p on auto focusing and great video quality. Now hopefully the stills will be on par with the D5300.
One thing I did notice with the first review as he is using a 1K Carl Zeiss lens in his review. , this lens cost more than the camera, which makes a huge difference when taking pictures and doing video etc... Regardless great camera, using it now, thanks to your review you put up!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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