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I have:
TV: LG 47LB6300
Cable Box: Cisco Explorer 4640HDC

This system has been working for a long time. Yesterday I switch the HDMI ports between the HTIB and the Cable box. Sound was coming out. Today, there is no sound for whatever reason. I have checked the TosLink cable by substituting it out with another. There is nothing else that's different. I've returned the HDMI ports to their original location. When I play a DVD, sound DOES come through so the HTIB is able to output sound in some form. When I try and play from the cable box or Apple TV, no sound whatsoever. I do get sound on the TV speakers. One other thing, the HTIB keeps shutting down after a while as if there is no device connected providing a signal.

Anyone have an idea what could be the issue?
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