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Sony BDV-N790W problem surround speakers

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We just relocated to the US and had to buy everyting all over again, which is kinda fun
. One of the things I bought was the Sony BDV-N790W with the wireless surround speakers (we do not have the possibility to get wired speakers up in our rental house.

However, I have a problem with these. They only produce a proper sound when the sound mode is on 'Auto'. When playing music from the iPhone f.e. leaving the sound mode in 'Music', only the right surround speaker produces a little sound, the left does not do anything.

I did the calibration with the calibration mic already a few times and this was succesful every time, playing proper sound out of each speaker. I did the network update, so the set is on the latest firmware. I tried setting the RF channel to all different settings, but no result. Always the same problem. Again, all speakers work fine when calibrating.

I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what.

Can you guys please help me, otherwise I think I have to return this set, which I don't want to do because of the hassle.

Thanks a lot.
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