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I recently purchased this and have a few questions I can't find answers too.

My setup is:

Vizio 55in LCD with digital audio cable going to Sony BDV. I use a HDTV antennae and roku for our entertainment.

First question is I have sound coming from every speaker except rear left and right. I thought it might have been the cable's so I purchased a digital audio cable and it runs directly from TV to the Sony. Only way I have found to get it working through all speakers is a football sound mode which muffles the voices.

Secondly, I have great sound through radio, BT, bluray but for whatever reason when I'm using TV I have to crank it pretty high. I've noticed you can mess with db power for each speaker though I have no idea what I'm doing there. Read through the user manual and couldn't find any answers.

Thanks in advance.
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