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Hi, I'm new here and I'm wondering if this is a good HTiB cause I wanna move up to true surround sound and if not, can someone recommend me a model please. I'm pretty much a audio noob. I don't know what else to say. Here's some info on my current setup.

Samsung LN32A550 LCD

Playstation 3 (HDMI)

Xbox 360 (Component)

Playstation 2 (Component)

Logitech X-540 (won it for free so I won't complain, anyways, I have the regular TV, PS3, PS2 and 360 all through stereo for now cause it sure beats the crappy on-board speakers of the tv)

So, I want the PS3, PS2 and 360 all to use surround sound which would be through optical and I'm well aware I need some sort of optical hub but I don't know where to get one as I couldn't find one on futureshop.ca or bestbuy.ca or thesource.ca. The only thing I found was a Intec HDMI/Component A/V Selector on futureshop. I live in Canada so we may not get certain models that the USA might get.

I would post links but spammers ruined it for us

The HTiB is at sonystyle.ca

The Intec A/V is at futureshop.ca

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