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I just picked this TV up on black Friday for a pretty good price.

I have not opened the box yet.

I am usually the type that researches for several weeks before I buy, but when you get the opportunity for a good black Friday price, you jump.

The reviews on this TV seem to be mixed.

For the price, I am not expecting cream of the crop, it will be used as a bedroom TV.

For those that have this TV. How is the dependability? This is my big concern.

We currently have a 42 inch Polaroid TV in our bedroom that I bought two years ago and it has a panel going out on it. It is really not watchable until it warms up. Seems to somewhat improve as it warms up, but I want a replacement... which is why I bought the Sony.

So before I crack open the box on the Sony, I just wanted to hear some opinions from actual owners.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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