2021 promises to be the watershed year for streaming Hollywood content at home. With the advent of supersized TVs and ultrashort throw projection, the home theater experiences now achievable in a living room environment. However, with cinematic screen sizes comes the need for higher-quality content, or more specifically, higher bandwidth 4K content that can deliver the picture quality of physical. Up until now, Ultra HD Blu-ray has maintained an edge over streaming thanks to higher bit rates. But a new service from Sony, the Bravia core, promises to change this by supporting bit rates up to 80 Mbps (bandwidth permitting) which matches physical media.

The new app is exclusive to 2021 Sony Bravia XR TVs and will carry movies from Sony's studio, Sony Pictures. The selection will include new releases as well as catalog titles.Ccustomers who purchase a 2021 Sony will receive vouchers (either five or 10 vouchers, depending on the TV model) and also have access to unlimited streaming of over 100 catalog titles from Sony pictures. The company intends to add additional content after launch. Furthermore, Bravia Core will carry IMAX enhanced movies, with more than 50 titles expected to be available at launch (that's right, IMAX Enhanced is not dead!).

"Access the largest IMAX® Enhanced collection for a truly elevated movie experience at home. Optimized for BRAVIA XR, it delivers remastered IMAX® picture and immersive sound by DTS." - Sony

The foundation of Bravia Core is Pure Stream technology, which offers adaptive streaming to ensure what Sony calls "near lossless UHD BD equivalent quality" including HDR. Another feature of Bravia Core is Studio Access, which brings extra footage, interviews, and other extras to the viewer via streaming.

You can read more about Bravia Core here.