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Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDZ273 5.1 Channel

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Is it worth buying? I am looking to hook it up to my Desktop PC and my 360 on a 26 inch Samsung Monitor.

I talked the guy down to $149.99.

I am not that big into sound, but do want a nice sound and I am not a big fan of regular PC speakers.

I have been using the Aiwa NSX-DS55 for years now. The sub is busted and so are two of the speakers.

Aside from my system being broken, would the Bravia be an upgrade?

I have been told to stay away from HTIB systems, but I am not hardcore about my sound. However, I do understand good sound. I was able to listen to the speakers for a second in the store, but it was very loud and I could not get a real sense of them.

If there are any other options that are around the same price I would also be interested.
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