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Hey guys,

New to the forum,

A few weeks ago I purchased a 40" Sony Bravia EX720 LCD/LED edge lit display to replace my old 40" LCD Series 6 Samsung.

The Sony is connected up to a TiVo PVR, if anyone is unfamiliar with TiVo, the antenna signal cable runs into the TiVo first and then from the TiVo back out to the TV via HDMI/component (not via an antenna cable), in my case this is component.

Now the first thing I noticed when I turned the display on to watch normal TV (via TiVo of course), was the especially bad picture quality whilst just watching normal free to air.

My old LED Samsung blows the Sony out of the water with free to air viewing quality.

I thought it might have something to do with the factory picture settings from Sony, so I went and did a bit of research into that and calibrated them a little bit, but didn't make the quality any better and by quality I mean, the whole picture just doesnt look as sharp as it does on the Samsung.

My picture calibration settings are below, as well as the settings for my TiVo.

Bluray on this TV looks amazing, just a bit disappointed about Free to air, anyone else had/have this problem?

TiVo Settings:

Video Output Format = Native

Aspect Correction Mode = Panel (use letterboxing and sidebars to fit)

Sony Bravia EX72 Picture Settings:

Picture Mode: Custom

Backlight = 4

Picture = 95

Brightness = 46

Colour = 50

Hue = 0

Colour Temperature = Warm 2

Sharpness = 0

Noise, MPEG, Dot Reduction = off

Motionflow = standard

Cinema Drive = Auto 1

Advanced settings:

Black corrector = off

adv contrast enhancer = off

gamma = 0

auto light emitter = off

clear white = low

live colour = off

detail and edge enhancer = off

White Balance settings:

All 0, except B Bias = -2

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Try connecting the antenna directly to the tv and doing a channel scan with the tv. If the tv pq is ok connected directly to the antenna then the problem is with a setting in the Tivo or the Tivo itself.
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