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Hi all,

I'm new here but I've spent a lot of time researching my problem before finally posting. My lovely new Sony KDL 26v4000 is not all I had hoped for. To be honest I'm a bit annoyed by the need to constantly fiddle with the picture settings depending on what I am watching, from which source and the lighting in the room at the time. Compare that with my 32" WS Sony CRT ( in another room) and I know which one I prefer. Don't get me wrong, the HDTV is capable of brilliant picture quality but when I settle on something all I have to do is change channel to get all messed up again.

I don't have HDTV source, I use SD SKY+. When I set up my picture settings from the SKY+ box via Scart I can get a really good picture. The SKY box is patched through a SONY RDX HXD 890 DVD/HDD (with upscaling). This is connected to the HDTV via monster HDMI cable. When I switch to SKY+ via HDMI ( via the DVD/HDD) using the same settings the picture changes and goes quite dark. Also when playing DVD's ( upscaled to 720p or 1080i ) via HDMI the picture is very dark. The end result is that I am constantly fiddling with picture settings and it's wrecking my head. Actually,I'm thinking of going back to scart for playing DVD's and forgetting HDMI altogether, but I shouldn't have to do this, should I?

Also, even with satisfactory picture settings I find the viewing angle to be fairly poor. Even a shallow angle "off centre" results in skin tones looking very washed out and the whole picture taking on a "grey" tone.

Sorry for banging on but I could really do with some advice....BTW I'm a technophile so it's not a case being stupid or a slave to technology.
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