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I've narrowed it down to the best Sony in 40" at BB but would I be better off with the Samsung?

I'm probably going to be going with a Sony HTIB because they have a very nice one for only $350. Samsung's best offering at BB supposedly has a horrid manual which pretty much means you can't get the most out of it.

I'd rather stick with one brand and get the few useful features this type of setup offers but if this Sony TV is overpriced because it is new, let me know!

Thanks in advance!

The local BB also has that XBR7 sitting there. $1111.99 or something like that. Would it be worth it to try and talk them down or even buy it at this price?

Oh BTW- I'm maybe 10' from my tv. It will be connected to a computer for watching Blu Rays and other movies from my computer and HD input from DirectV.
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