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My box was smacked hard... surge from lightning during a storm here in Florida.

Now I do not get a picture, it does power up. I checked the power supply with a Atlas ESR capacitor tester and find several "leaky" capacitors. The Capacitors that test leaky do not show any sign of swelling or heat damage... so, I am suspicious of my findings. There are capacitors that do test good on the power supply.

My first question; will the esr meter give a false reading due to other circuitry on the power supply? Second, I see a service port based on a USB connector. What will I need to access this? Is there software I need in a second computer to test with? If so can I get it or is it not available to the public?

Are there any thoughts about what else I may need to check due to this surge? It is asking a lot.. the same as reading tea leaves maybe... but I am getting desperate to resolve this issue.

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