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i have been comparing new 3d tvs for a while now and i have narrowed it down to two tvs.

here we go:

first the best buy deal:

sony kdl-55hx800

55 inch 3d led-lcd hdtv

2 composite

4 hdmi

1080 natural resolution

240 hz refresh rate

$2199 with gt5 new grown ups blu ray new and ps3 160 gb system new.

i already have gt5 so i would sell it on ebay for roughly $50. i already have a ps3 system so i would sell it on ebay for roughly $350. i would probably keep the blu ray disc.

total price after selling unwanted items: $1800

i believe the tv comes with 3d glasses however i will have to dig into that more.

now the tv i have almost purchased twice. the sony tv deal has me considering that deal now due to the obvious difference in price. i am very samsung biased and i think that the samsung tv is just a better quality tv.

samsung pn58c8000

58 inch 3d plasma tv 3d 1080 natural

600 hz refresh

0.001 pixel response

internet tv aps

$2499 with sales at best buy sometimes including a 3d blu ray player and a shrek 3d box set with 2 3d glasses.

current sale is just the tv and shrek set for $2499

on ebay lowest price i can find is $2400 for the tv, 3d blu ray player and shrek set.

like i said im very samsung biased. i love samsung products. but if i cannot tell the difference i would probably go for the sony deal for the obvious reasons. im not worried about burn in for those that will run at the opportunity to bash plasmas however it would be nice to not have to worry about image ghosting and possible burn in by other people using my tv.

i don't know much about led-lcd tvs do pixels burn out easily or something?

my tv is going to be used for directv, ps3 and 360.

hope you guys can help me out in any way!

thanks alot

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Not even close from my perspective.

The Samsung by a mile. You get a bigger screen (important for 3D), Plasma (clear winner so far between the two displays), and you can sell Shrek set and the extra glasses on Ebay also.
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