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Sony CD Player Issues (CDP-CX355)

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I have two (2) Sony CDP-CX355 CD players, the manual says you can connect a 5, 50,200 or 300 disc player to it and when I connect the two I have together they both work correctly other than the player hooked up as player 1 has no sound. When they are connected separately they both work fine, with sound.

A sony employee said they wouldn't work together but failed to mention which models would work with it. The manual only says that as long as the players are equipped with CONTROL A1 II or CONTROL A1 they should work. Apparently that's not necessarily true. As this model and other major multi disc players are no longer being manufactured I can't get any info from Sony, at all. They no longer care.

Is there anyone out there who can tell me more about connecting two of these? Why my two models don't seem to work together and what model no. of another 300 disc player will work with the model I have.

Thanks, Richard
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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