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Hi all,

finally i solved the "pj-multi" problem and i want to share the solution with the


Mainly because of the Sony policy that sells an awful cable, limited in lenght (max.5mt) at a terrible price: all that thanks to the pj-multi proprietary connector.

Following the pinouts:

1 nc

2 nc

3 nc

4 Audio - R

5 Blue (B-Y)



8 Audio - L

9 Green (G-Y)

10 GND

11 GND

12 H

13 Red (R-Y)

14 nc

15 GND

16 V

17 nc

18 nc

19 Y


21 GND

22 nc

23 C

24 DDC return

25 GND

26 nc

27 C-video


29 GND

30 nc

31 nc

32 nc

and the order of pins , watching the connector from the wire

clipping side (the side where you put in the wires on the connector) is:

31-29-27 ...............5-3-1

32-30-28 ...............6-4-2

If you want to build an adapter with the connector that is on the cable that comes with the cineza you can, but pay attention because you need a lot of patience due to the extreme thickness of the wires that are compatible with the pj-multi: my advice is to mantain the adapter as shorter as you can and use a "wire-wrap" cables.

If you want to send to cineza an 15k RGB signal don't forget that you must connect the syncro signal of your source(that usually is on the Composite-Video) on the pin 12 (H sync) of the pj-multi. Obviously other connections are between R, G and B pins.

Is not recommended to use for GND the pin 29 because it has a resistor on the cineza internal , while all other GND are connected each other on the cineza side.

I've succesfully built, after a lot of unsuccessfully trials, a SCART-PJMULTI and a VGA-PJMULTI connector.

The cable that Sony use for their optional (and exceptionally priced) cables is the LTK cable that you can find here: http://www.ltkcable.com/LTK_p_20379.htm

Hope all that helps people to have a better connection at a reasonable price.



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hey not sure if you are still watching this post but i was wondering which pins i would be using to connect a hd15 connector so i can hook my laptop to the projector. thanks in advance jeff
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