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Sony CRT 16:9 RPTV Warning???

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On Sony's website displaying CRT 16:9 RPTV's there is the following warning:

"• Viewing bright, stationary images such as TV logos, and or continued usage of the 16:9 aspect ratio setting ("normal" Wide Mode) can result in permanent damage in the picture tubes used to display images in your projection TV "

Does this mean that they would prefer you to watch 4:3 material native as opposed to stretching it to 16:9 to fill the screen? Why would using the portion of the CRT corresponding to the entire screen be bad?

I've got a widescreen Hitachi 51SWX20b that I currently stretch everything 4:3 to fill the entire screen 16:9 supposedly to prevent burn-in.

Thanks In Advance

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Whatever the heck they were trying to say - this ain't it. Never bad to fill whole screen. They must be saying don't watch 4:3 material in a 16:9 format (black bars) too much...Frenchy
I concur, watching 4:3 in 16:9 is a bad thing over time..:)

Maybe that's a paragraph taken from a manual for a 4x3 CRT RPTV which could be damaged by a lot of 16x9 images. Boilerplate text sometimes gets misplaced. :rolleyes:
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