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Sony D50HTU Query

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I have just acquired my dad's old D50. He has upgraded to a G70.

I have a query: I am using Component input HDTV from a Prog Scan DVD Player. The unit has been converged and I am now at the stage of fine tuning colour / brightness etc etc. I have hit a samll problem however:

When using Video Memory 7 for NTSC 16:9 the image doesn't look "as good" as Video Memory 8 even though all the colours / brightness / sharpness etc etc and Bias and Gain are set the same. When I change to Video Memory 8, more shadow detail is revealed, the picture is brighter and looks much better.

I am confused as I have been through all picture controls and they are set the same.

What could it be ?

Many thanks.
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Since "video memory" is just holding settings, you must have missed something. What about "color temp"? maybe it's on "user preset" or the other memory is on a different temp?
Checked colour temp - they're the same both on 6500.

To describe it in more detail, it seems to be a gamma type setting.

When I switch between 7 and 8, 8 reveals extra detail in blacks and other colours. I tried increasing brightness on 7 but this just increases brightness across the screen. 7 seems to be crushing deatil in dark areas. 8 looks perfect but of course the aspect ratio is wrong and I need to be able to use a few memories.

Many thanks.
I think I have found the cause of the problem.

The Denon 3910 DVD player (MR) was set to 0IRE. I changed it to 7.5IRE and hey presto - all the shadow detail is revealed. The player was crushing black.

Video Memory 8 must have a ramped-up factory set IRE which would give the same result.

Many thanks.
I hear what you're saying, but the video memory can only set what it can set, even the factory can't put any extra or secret settings to memory 8. Is it possible that ABG is on with one setting and off for another? It can ONLY be what video memory can set and that doesn't include anything that has to do with gamma.
Sorry, have another little problem maybe : It seems that every time I try to adjust my D50 even more accurately I get a darker picture. Of course some movies are pretty dark themselves but...., there is a limit.

Unlike TCE I cannot adjust IRE on my Philips dvd 963SA. Moved in from 2.71 to 2.56 meters to use a little more tube area but the picture doesnt seem brighter, on the contrary. Checked everything, ABG, screen select, color temp. is 6500, brightness normally 40 and contrast 48. Havent ever touched blanking though, can this have someting to say ?

The dvd players gamma can lift the shadows a bit but I havent used it.

Running RGsB into RGB on Sony. Can the HDTV input in the menu be used in some way ? Get a weird picture when I try it....
Actually, when the raster size is increased the picture gets LARGER and a little darker. However, after you increase the raster size, the projector is usually moved closer to the screen, keeping the same size picture with the projector closer to the screen.

Whether it's done through increasing the raster size or moving the projector further back, the picture will ALWAYS get darker as the picture size is increased, but by using more of the tube phosphor, you keep the darkening to a minimum and maximize resolution. It's not magic, just physics.
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