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I've searched extensively for something addressing this problem, but can't find anything, so forgive all the details... it's difficult to describe and I just don't know what's relevant and what isn't.

I have a Sony DA2400ES receiver, and I think I've narrowed the problem down to the receiver, since I only encounter the problem in the living room where we use it. The receiver is connected to a Motorola AT&T Uverse set-top box (VIP 2250) with DVR and to a later model Sony Bravia TV, both by HDMI cables. I have a 7.1 surround sound set-up... the surround mode is "neo-cinema 6."

Here's the issue: when watching live or recorded TV, the sound changes whenever the broadcast switches from the actual show to network-generated promos. Here's an example:
Watching "Arrow" on the CW... the regular commercials sound okay. Then, before the show starts, there's a network promo for "The Flash." The sound is very faint coming from the front and rear speakers, with music just slightly louder than dialogue. Then the "previously on Arrow" segment comes on... same problem. Then the show starts, and now the dialogue is very clear through the front speakers, but the musical soundtrack is very faint and hardly detectable on the rear and side channels. Then, during the commercial breaks, it reverts, with commercials being okay, but any network-affiliated announcements coming in very faint. When the show resumes, we're back to the strong front channels, weak musical track. Arrow always ends the episode with an "Arrow" title card, and even that reverts to the faint sound problem.

At first I though this could be an issue with the AT&T box, but then I noticed it was happening during certain coming attractions on a Disney Blu-Ray disc. But playback of regular movies on DVD or Blu-Ray is okay.

This happens with all the major network shows (CBS; NBC; ABC; SyFy; USA; where surround sound is broadcast.

While searching for a solution to the issue, I get the impression that it might be a function of using HDMI to connect all the components. But this just started happening a couple of weeks ago, and no changes were made when the problem started. And I'd rather not switch all my connections to component/optical just to see if that works, if I can get it to work with HDMI.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, and how to fix it?
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