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Just as I was all set to buy the Sharp 9000, a dealer told me that Sony was coming out with a DLP projector, due out in December.

Is this true? If so, has anyone here seen it ? Does it use the same HD DLP chip that Sharp does? Should I wait for the Sony, or go for the Sharp?

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see this:

VPD-MX10 ' (0.7 type DMD TM panel loading) main merit

1.DLP TM (the Digital Light Processing TM ) to adopt system, with the mass approximately 2kg the 1000ANSI lumen actualization

0.7 type DMD TM panels ( the veneer ) by the fact that the DLP TM system which is used is adopted, small size * light weight conversion of the substance is actualized in projection system in comparison with the liquid crystal system which uses 3 panels.

2. With memory stick correspondence, PC connection is not needed, it is easy the presentation proposition

The memory stick slot is equipped, the presentation file which is retained in the memory stick ( * conversion to JPEG type is needed) and the JPEG picture to mind the personal computer, it is reappearance possible without thing.

* The Microsoft which was drawn up with personal computer (R) using the application software which belongs, it converts the PowerPoint document to the JPEG picture of the XGA resolution which is suited for projection by the stock personal computer.

3. Extensive flat it is convenient to conveyance design

When the front cover & connector which it equips cover is closed extensive flat it becomes form, receipt to the bag and the like becomes easy to do even the case of conveyance.

Other things

* The signal from the personal computer can be inputted while it is digital, DVI-D input terminal equipment

* Digital zoom function

* Freezing function

* Can revise the picture in clearing the APA function which

* Digital trapezoid revision +15 MARU to correspondence

* 9 ounce clean menu indication of national languages

* Installed capacity monaural speaker of 0.8w

* Carrying bag attachment

Main specification of VPD-MX10

Projection system-----Veneer DLP TM system

Panel-----------------0.7 Type DMD TM panel 786,432 pixel

Lens------------------Manual 1.2 time zoom lens

Lamp------------------130W UHP lamp

Optical output--------1000ANSI lumen

Projection picture----40 - 200 types (diagonal)

Color system----------NTSC / PAL / SECAM / NTSC4.43 / PAL-M / PAL-N

Resolution------------Video: 750TV book, RGB: 1024x768

Corresponding signal--RGB (horizontal 19k - 92kHz, verticality 48 - 92hz),

----------------------15kHz component 50/60Hz system,

----------------------Composite video and Y/C video

Video Input-----------Composite video: Pin and S video: Mini- DIN 4 pin,

INPUT A---------------RGB/ component: HD D-Sub15 pin

INPUT B---------------DVI-D ( TM DS)

USB-------------------Rise (B type: Female) ¡Ñ1

AUDIO IN--------------Stereo mini- jack

Power source----------AC100 - 240V and 50/60Hz

Power consumption-----Largest 200W (at the time of stand-by mode: 8w)

External size---------255 (width) ¡Ñ58 (height) ¡Ñ228.5 (depth)

Mass------------------Approximately 2kg

Main accessory--------Remote commander: RM-PJM11, monitor cable and USB cable

Application software, memory stick (8MB),Carrying case

Main option-----------Lamp " LMP-M130 " for exchange (49,800 Yen), Portable 40 type screen " KP-40 " (25,000 Yen)


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Thanks for the info.

Do you have any additional information on manufacturer's given contrast ratio, color wheel type, estimated US/EU release date and input signal compatibility?

I understand that this unit does NOT have an optical zoom in it?



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Halcy: you can link to SONY official website: http://www.sony.co.jp/sd/CorporateCr...00110/01-1029/

The JAPAN release date of VPD-MX10 is 20th, Nov, 01. Further informations about contrast ratio, color wheel type is not available, but manual 1.2 time zoom lens is sure.

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I also saw Sony's DLP RPTV at CES last year...they said it would be out about now....but haven't seen it or heard anything about it. It looked "mahvelous". I wonder whatever happened to that?
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