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Sony DVP NS7OH vs LG 511

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I bought the LG last week for it's HDMI feature and the $149 price. Initial impressions were good, but that evaporated quickly after a few days use even though PQ was very good in 1080 mode.

1. After reading the reviews here that it can scratch two sided rental disks that enough of a deal breaker for me.

2. I also "did" hear a metal clicking sound that was quite loud on occasion. The Time Warner HD DVR makes so much noise anyway it seems to drown out the noise from the LG (is this a good thing, no . . it's a sad thing). Gonna swap the DVR back for a quieter one at some point.

3. I thought the ability to use digital media cards was great since my TV does not have a slot, but it's a useless feature on the LG because it takes 45 secs for each pic to load. . . fagedaboutit!

4. The remote is a piece of junk. It looks like it's from a kids Fisher Price toy set. It's embarrassing to even put this remote in the vicinity of a 4k plasma.

So it went back to CC. I picked up the DVP-NS70H at Sears and it even had another $7 off sale ticket on it that day.

The moment I plugged it in I could see the picture was much better than the LG's. The 1080 upscale is automatic unlike the buttons I had to scroll though on the LG's front panel. The LG may have an auto feature , I don't know and don't care.

I need to get more into analyzing the Sony once I get my HDMI switch, so I don't have to keep switching cables around while I'm testing it out.

I don't know why I keep trying to stray from Sony products. For the money you can't beat their quality. All my components are Sony. My other TV is a 65 Sony HD rear projector and it's great. I would have went for the Sony Plasma too, but I liked what I read in the Consumer Reports review so I went with the 50 inch Panny PX HD model.

After only a day or two use the Sony vs the LG IMO . . . it's night and day. The LG is JUNK!

I might look at the Oppa as many seem to like it in this forum, but for now I can highly recommend the Sony if one is looking for a reasonably priced upscaling HDMI DVD player.
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I also jumped on the up converting wave and first tried a Samsung (don't remember the model) and I was very disappointed! PQ was not very good, had MB problems and I have not been very happy about SS build quality for the past couple of years!

I took the SS back and got the Sony NS7OH and I couldn't be happier! Outstanding PQ on my Panny 50in DLP, good build quality, works very well!

But while I do generally like Sony products it's getting to be a problem getting poorly built products out of many of there divisions! And this latest stunt with the spy ware on there music cd's didn't help there declining reputation either!

That being said I also have a Sony RDR-GX300 DVD recorder which is built like a tank and has great PQ! So I do generally like Sony products, im very, very careful what I buy from them.

Sad.... I remember a time not to long ago when you got a Sony product ANY Sony product and you were almost guaranteed to get a well built high quality product! Now well... sad just very sad!
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I havent tried the sony but i had a 511 and for play it all ability i'd give that the nod,when using 720 or 1080i i got the shift issue on the LG same as the Sony, if Sony played Xvid i would of tried that too.

Now i have a Oppo and am fairly satisfied, also the LG can do 480i hdmi and component upconvert, i just might find a canadian LG 531 as that has a faroudja chipset and normal tray loading.
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