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Sony DVP-NS975V HDMI DVD Player Issues With Toshiba MT8U

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This was also posted in the DVD section. Sorry about the crosspost, I'm just covering my bases.

Hello all. I was wondering if anybody else had purchased the new Sony HDMI Upconvert DVP-NS975V DVD player and also owned either an Infocus 7200 or Toshiba MT8U DLP running IF firmware ver 3.7.

I just received my player from Crutchfield today and am unable to get any video from my 7.5m Lindy HDMI cable. I know the cable's good as it works fine with my CATV Pace HD box. I can also get component video from the DVD player no prob. I have checked and rechecked the DVD player's settings but can find no reason for it not working.

According to the DVD's manual, it's HDMI 1.1 compliant and won't send a signal to DVI enabled devices that aren't 'HDCP complaint'.

So basically I'm left with either a malfunctioning DVD player or my DLP is not HDCP complaint (which I read here and there was an issue with early 7200s, however it was my understanding that had been resolved sometime ago). I wish I could remember my DLP's build date, however I cannot (but it's like 6mo or less old if I remember correctly).

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Confirmed with a friend's (thanks JediMasterMatt) PE8700+ tonight that it's a projector issue, so I'm here once again asking for a copy of the Toshiba v3.7 FW since it's looking like it's a service item.

Much thanks.
You mean to tell me there's NOBODY here who owns an MT8U who has Toshiba's firmware ver 3.7?

I need a little help here please.
I don't have it, but I suggest you start a new thread with your request in the title.

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