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Sony FWD-42LX1 42" HD LCD - Anyone seen it ?

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 Sony FWD-42LX1

42" LCD

WXGA 1366 x 768

.68 x .68 mm (square pixels)


This one looks perfect for HTPC use.

(Also available as 32")

Any eyewitness feedback would be greatly appreciated....
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I've got the 32" version -- it's awesome! Do a forum search for FWD-32LX1 for my reviews. I also have some gallery pix --

Could you please post a few pics from a close distance ?

How are the blacks ?
Choose the gallery icon on my post.... I have 3 pix... one of them really up close so you can see the design/build quality of the monitor....

I don't believe there is any real or scientific way to get any where near an idea of judging a screen's actual picture quality by taking "screen shots". The only way to really tell is to either go to a B&M or use a merchant's return policy.

I know this sounds lame, but I fear it's the only right way to judge a display.

I myself have gone through the following displays before settling on this one, though, so it must be pretty good:

Sharp Aquos 32" LCD with lower speaker, Panasonic 37" EDTV plasma, Samsung 32" LCD, and Sony 26" LCD. Sorry -- too lazy to recall/lookup all the models; suffice it to say they were all the "latest and greatest" since December '04 when I started this whole ordeal.

I feel in my opinion this is the finest display out there, regardless of price, for a 26-37" form factor. My personal budget was up to $5500.00. I actually carefully scrutinized the XBR 32" LCD, but I just couldn't fathom shelling out the highest price for last year's technology [it only does 1280x768, or 15:9 aspect!!! The FWD-32LX1 does the full 1366x768 which yields the 16:9 aspect. Finally, the FWD natively supports a PC, while the XBR does not! These two items alone to me justify going with the FWD --


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I also did try the Sharp 32" GD series.

I really did'nt like the posterization there was in dark scenes (Von Helsing = unwatchable).

You could only use native resoltion 1366x768 if you bypassed the AVC box, but then you could'nt adjust backlight, etc.

But the worst was the NOISE. Two fans in de monitor and one in the AVC box. What where they thinking ?

Ronald, is there a fan (how loud) in your Sony ?
The GD series does not have the AVC box. Are you sure that was the one you tried?
Yes, the European version, the Sharp LC-32GD1E (titan color, removable speaker at the bottom), does have an AVC box...
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