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Sony G50 questions

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So I was shopping around town today and came across a store that had this old G50 under the table they used as a demo back in the days.

owner says 1700$ and its yours.

Went back home and made some reseach. or at least tried to. Google returned no info at all, and the forum here only has 11 posts non-related to the G50 directly.

Was wondering if its an any good projector seeing as people praise the higher G70 and G90.

What about the throw distance? the sony PJ Cals does not even list any G50 in the projector list... :confused:

And for about 1700$ usd, is it a good deal?

It wasnt hooked up today or anyhting so I didnt see it in action.

I'll probly schedule an appointment for the owner to demo the machine.

Besides the tubes, anything else I might need to look at before i purchase it?
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Could it maybe have been a VPH-D50 and not G50?
I'm not familiar with the G50. There is the D50, could that be it?

Try reading up on the D50. It's a nice machine and could be a nice deal if it's in great shape.

Isn't the D50 an ES focus machine? If so $1700 is rather outrageous.

Now, if it was actually a G70 then that's a different story.

It's perhaps the nicest ES machine. (It's also air coupled.)

$1700 could be a good price but it's pushing it I think unless it's in prime shape.

For $1700 the unit should have less than 100 hours, come with the remote, ceiling mount, manuals, and the seller provide free delivery and installation. Otherwise it is too much.

Yep, I called the store and indeed it is a vph-d50

Since it was a demo projector, I doubt it has less then 100 hours as 1011fan says heh

Will need to schedule an appoitment for them to demo the projector.

What would be a good price they'd need to sell it for? I suspect it has in the 5k hours on it.
5000 hours means you're going to need new tubes, (around $1500 for all three I think). You would be into it for more than $3k which is too high for a D50. I've seen several with less than 2500 hours for around $1100.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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