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hello, I was wondering if any one knows what kind of antenna goes with the Sony HCD-VX3A. it's quite old, and i can't find any info on it. I got it in the Middle East. I'm not sure from which country this model is from. many electronics are imported from other countries so the origins are hard to track down for correct website retrieval. I was hoping that someone had seen an antenna like the one in my pictures attached. please tell me what they are so i can get the proper antenna. I would also like to know how to correctly set up that antenna.

The terminals look like push type speaker terminals. Theres is a signal ground screw. I'm not sure what that is exactly for. I have removed the video and put it up on YouTube So that no one needs to download or install anything. here's the link:

Flickr (photos with descriptions and questions):

if you need higher res photos please provide me with your email so I can email you that file.

if you still can't see my photos then please message me or reply to the post and let me know I'll try to help you to help me as much as I can.

Thank you so much.

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