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Sony Hd Upgrade

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Best (simplest) step by step instructions to upgrade a Sony SAT-W60 to larger hard drive. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Before you ask... the instructions mentioned on this link are written for the RCA UTV BUT they work for the Sony UTV too.

Differences between RCA/Sony UTVs are largely cosmetic and don't effect basic functions.
Thanks. That was going to be my next question. I am assuming based on what I've heard from DTV and read in a few threads, that the missing file/demo/preview mode problem has been resolved. Thanks again.

As of the moment forum members have been reporting no new "demo" problems and old "demo" issues have been resolving themselves...

Good Luck with your upgrade.

Let us know how it goes.

Welcome to the forum.
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Thanks. I've read in some threads that the missing file is received thru the satellite feed/signal. DTV told me the missing file is received thru the phone line. Any idea which is true and does it really make a difference?
Since several people had their units start working without intervention, I would suspect that the file is coming from D* via the satellite. If it came from MS via the phone line, there would need to be some interaction with the unit to prompt it to dial out and receive the file. Automatic upgrades are almost always via the satellite.
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