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After way too much research I've narrowed my choices to the Sony CX300 or Panasonic SD600K. I'll be buying a nice new Panasonic Blu-Ray player today in preparation for playing the DVD's that I'll be making.

I would think that both produce similar quality video. My main thing is to make it as easy as possible to put my priceless family/sports/trips/etc. video on -R blank DVD's.

I'm able to make good AVCHD videos from my Lumix ZR3, but was completely lost in space with my Canon HF200 so it's outta here. There's always the Sony DVDirect MC6 DVD Burner to bypass the computer or I wonder if making DVD's on the computer would be seamless with either the Sony or the Panasonic. Using an external burner is kinda attractive regardless.

So my dilemma is that I appreciate quality, but am an idiot and need something idiotproof. I'm moderately intelligent, but don't have a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Thanks for helping to select between the 2.
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