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Sony HS10 or Epson TW100H ?

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I need advice. I've got an HS10 on order since late February from CDW. As of several days ago I was in 66 th position on back order. While I've been waiting for CDW I've been hearing good things about the TW100. I've read Steve's (SMART III guy) article on hometheaterhifi and the WSR article. The projector central article raved about the Epson. Have any of you seen both projectors? My room is 10.5' by 15' so it looks like the TW100 would be better from a throw distance perspective. Is the PQ appreciably better with the Epson? There seems to be at least a $1000 price differential when going to the Epson. I could afford to spend the additional money but like everyone else I want to get a lot of projector for little money. I guess my question is should I dump the HS10 and go for the Epson. What do you think?
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I've talked to the epson people and many of them believe if you have a little light to deal with, the 73c might be the one for you. It is cheaper and has 1500 lumens, the contrast ratio is 500 : 1. They seem the think that the picture is a little brighter. I haven't heart anyone mention it on this forum, but it is a new projector. Just a thought. Understand that the 100 is beter that the sony and brighter eventhough there less lumens on the specs.

Good Luck,

It all depends on you. You could also spend another $600 over the Epson and get the HT1000. You pretty much have to decide on a budget and find the best PJ for the money that's within your budget.

Personally, though, I'd consider dumping the CDW order. Lets face it, they have no interest in selling the HS10 for the price they initially advertised. When considering the price of the HS10, you should figure the $2500 to $2700 you can negotiate from a dealer with stock.

I haven't read much else beyond the projectorcentral review on the TW100H, and their word alone sure wouldn't justify me putting out an exta $1K for a projector. The only way you'll know is to try to get a demo of the TW100H and the HS10 and decide if the extra performance is worth an extra $1K to you.
How is it possible to compare these units, I live in New Orleans and I can onlly find 2 units to see and none side by side to really compare. It seems to me that you have to take someone's word that you have some faith in.



If you know where I can find a comparison on the qualities of Plasma vs digital projectors, please let me know.

Thanks again
here's a link to Wide Screen Review's take on the Yamaha LPX-500.

It's a re-badged TW-100. The implementation is a bit different but the picture quality is the same.

I had a chance to compare them side-by-side a few weeks ago in Tokyo. I have posted my impressions in this thread . Hope it helps... :)
are you willing to step up in price from the HS-10 but give up the HDCP compatibility? that's really the only major disappointment i can find on the Epson.
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