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SONY HS10 Problem Again

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Hi guys,

After having my PJ back for about 3 months I coped with the same problem known as LAMP BUG.

As yesterday, it was 36 degree (nice weather), I watch a movie that my PJ but it sunddenly happen again. It turn back off by itselft after the switch on, after I tried a second time it went off (no light). I had to unplug the adapter and re-plug again.

What do you think I should?

I purchased this PJ in 23-12-2003 the first problem I have to leave my PJ at the Repairer for nearly 2 months cos they said no LAMP replacement in AUST. I will call the technicial again tomorrow.

:( so sad.
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So anyone experience similar problem?
I think I'm experiencing a similar problem with my HS10:

when I start the projector, the lamp/cover light comes on (and stays on) then I get no picture.

I then recycled the projector but had the same problems. Not sure if it is the filter or lamp. I only had about 600-700 hours.

You can find more info in this thread: (18000viewers.......)

I had this problem right from start! Unfortunately replacing the lamp and the lamp cover WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!

It seems that the lamp bug issue is a designing problem inherent in most of the HS10 that has to do with

1. The lamp itself (bad quality, design..)

2. The lamp's power supply which has already UNDERGONE 3-4 updates in order to drive the lamp properly and guess what:

3. THE Pj's BASE which needs to be changed!!! Most probably there is an internal ventilation problem that prevents proper ventilation of the lamp and this couldn't be fixed without an extensive BASE redesigning!!!

In other words your PJ needs to be extensively serviced. They did so here in Greece so most probably Sony Australia can do it also locally (any spare parts will be coming from Japan anyway..) provided that they will admit.. the problem! Actually there is no technical bulletin addressing this issue so peripheral sony Support centers are not 'aware' of it and are not willing to do anything! These repairs seem to cure the problem although not for sure as I have seen that the ALREADY upgraded PS of the lamp that was replaced in my case on June HAS AGAIN been revised!!! So why should one redesign (3 times, one a few months ago) a power supply of a legacy product?

I persuaded Sony Greece to do these modifications ONLY after presenting service papers of other mostly USA based members of the forum from LAREDO TEXAS where all HS 10 have been serviced... and only after they changed the lamp twice in a few months.

This problem has been reported MOSTLY if not ONLY from members of the AVS forum who due to the magnitude of it (hundreds of reports..) succeeded in persuading Sony USA to do these modifications. Europeans seems also to face the same problem and except from the AVS forum members many other HS10 owners are unaware of it and most probably are obliged every few months to pay by themselves the new lamps... (a new one every 400-600hrs...)

Good luck in your efforts
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The same problem has plagued my hs-20 with less than 100 hours.

I have no idea why anyone now would even consider one of these digital projector units.

Too bad I did not view this forum when the hs-10 was shipped.

These units are DESIGNED to fail. Is this is not plain enough? If manufacturers cannot provide warranty for AT LEAST 2 years for lamps and filters and anything else I do not think the buying public should be interested in purchase until this is possible. This product should be maintenance free for at least this amount of time.

My last CRT projector lasted over 25 years, at least 10,000 hours and was sold still in working condition with NO repair or maintenance during this time. It is possible.

Wake up and vote with your wallets! Electronics need not last 5 minutes.

I think I am finished now on this subject.
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