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Struggling getting the CT260H to work properly with my Vizio E550i. Weirdly when turn on TV, soundbar comes on also (that was improvment, for weeks I had set up so soundbar had to be separately turned on) but no sound comes out. Bizarrely you have to cycle through the soundbar input + or - through optical, BT, HDMI, etc. and back to HDMI(TV) for the sound to turn on.

This was after hours of researching forums on the internet and testing various configurations, the best set up to this point appears to be as follows:

Soundbar hooked up to HDMI1 (ARC) plug on TV. Vizio cable box to HDMI2 and Sansumg bluray to HDMI3. In other words, nothing run through the "HDMI In" on the sound bar.

Speakers: Off (weird however when mess with soundbar, the TV speakers come on).

HDMI cable from HDMI(ARC) on TV plugged into HDMI In (ARC)
AMP Menu items as follows:
Audio, TV Audio: TV (HDMI)

Ideas? Help!
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