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New to the board and enjoy all the great info......very helpful.

I just purchased the HT CT 500, very excited but I REALLY NEED SOME HELP on hooking components to it. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some help and any significant settings I need to utilize the CT500 to it's best....

Hate to be a pain but I am just not tech savey enough to figure this out:

What I have to hook up to the CT500:

1)I have a Samsung B630 LCD TV/40"/1080/120Hz

2) Sony Blue Ray BDP S360

3) Sony iPOD dock

4) My Sirius home dock radio (stratus 5)...(I bought a Monster Portable Music Player Cable Stereo mini-to-RCA adapter for it)

5) Comcast HD cable box (I have the HDMI cable from comcast I could use)

6) I purchased 2 HDMI Monster cables to use...

7) Any special setting I need to set my CT 500 AND TV too get the best sound and/or utilize the CT500 to it's best?

I plan on using the CT 500 more for music (ipod)

Like I said I would appreciate the help on connecting my components to the sound bar/subwoofer, thanks.
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