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I have a new Pany I'm looking for great sound....best possible 3-D, surround-effect w/blu-rays....a subwoofer or ability to easily add one....and I want it to be self-powered (internally or via a head-unit). All I'm ever gonna do is watch Dish Network (new Hopper box, but this TVs on a Joey satellite), Blu Rays and Netflix via wireless streaming.(probby built into BD player, but maybe a Roku)

I also need a little help about connectivity & stuff; I have a Pany TC-PU50 panel, and I bought a sony sony BDP-S590 (but haven't unboxed it). Does that player decode the lossless AV formats & spit them out in a way the Yamaha can make them sound good? And what about the Joey Dish box....does it export lossless formats in multi-channel PCM like the BD players do

Cuz I kinda like the Yamaha better, but I'm worried about it's lack of built-in conversion. I know the 401 yamaha takes care of that, but I can get a refurb 400 for a great price. Finallyl what about the ZVOX? Is it anywhere near as good as there other two re overall sound and/or surround effect? Cuz I actually NEED my TV elevated by about 4" or so...but according to their website, it only decodes Dolby Digital, not DTS.

And any others I should consider...maybe the Energy/Klipsch 1012988?

Thanks for your help & advic.e
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