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Sony PS3

Sony HTCT 660 Soundbar Firmware 2.027

Older Samsung plasma TV


HDMI from both cable box and PS3 to the CT660.

HDMI out from the CT660 to the Samsung


When watching a Netflix title using Dolby Digital Plus some frequencies exhibit an intermittent clipping or hissing artifact. Most typically seen on dialogue. The artifacts are present on any soundfield setting. The artifacts are not present when using the BlueRay feature through the PS3 or any content from the cable box. If I set Netflix to output in stereo the clipping sound stops- though the DD+ sounds better when not clipping so I would like to find a resolution.

This seems like a very similar issue to the Denon thread here:


I would appreciate any suggestions re how to correct this with the Sony ct660. Also, does anyone know if the firmware in the HT660 user upgrade capable?

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