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Looking to give Sony HTCT100 soundbar system a little more brightness and would like to know if anyone have modded their units?

I am looking into two options:

1) Replacing the drivers in the soundbar (not-likely I believe)

2) Finding the pin out schematics for the soundbar plug and building a new cable (much more likely). At that point I can either run three small bookshelf speakers or another separate sound bar.

This system was gifted to me for work I performed for a friend.. I'm using it at the girlfriends house and the sound is just a little too harse but MUCH better than the plasma TV speakers, and I am not willing to invest in anything serious at her place... Also... I'd like a project.

Update: With the IR unit in the bar that'll mean i'd have to build a receiver, should not be hard. But something to consider.

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