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I have a sony hometheatre DAV-DZ 510 that has a optical in jack and I wanna connect it to my computer. My computer does have an optical out jack which is glowing red. When I plug the toslink cable in the computers optical out, the tip of the cable glows red. The optical in jack on my Sony A/V receiver dos not glow red and after I plug the toslink cable in the optical in jack the cable does not glow red either. so does it mean that the optical in on my A/V receiver is damaged?

I have also updated the sound drivers for my pc to the latest. I also changed the sound settings on my pc to spdif.

My pc specs are amd phenom x4 965, asus m4a78t-e mobo, 8 gig of ddr3 ram, win 7 x64.

Please help me.

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then man what could be the problem here. why isn't sound coming from the speakers when I connect it to my computer through optical out. can you please guide me or gimme some info that'll help me regarding this problem. i'd be grateful.

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where the pc is concerned I can guarantee it is setup right.

i have chose my sound output to spdif and yea the bitrate that i have selected is 48khz coz thats the max it supports through optical out.

below are the A/V specs hope this can help

S-Master Yes

Audio Line IN/OUT (Analogue) 1 / -

Audio Input (Front, mini) 1

Video Signal IN/OUT (Composite) - / 1

Video Signal IN/OUT (Component) - / 1

Video Signal OUT (HDMI) Yes (1080p)


Mic Input Jack (3.5mm / 6.3 mm) 3.5 mm

D.C.A.C (Auto Calibration) Yes

Bass Boost Function (Dynamic Bass on RM) Yes

Night Mode (Normal/Plus) Yes

Movie/Music Mode Yes

Portable Audio Enhancer Plus

Dolby Pro Logic/Dolby Pro Logic II - / Yes

Dolby Pro Logic II/Dolby Pro Logic IIx Pro Logic II (All Function)/-

Dolby Digital Yes


Multi Stereo (Link) Yes

A/V Sync (Lip Sync) Yes

Speaker Formation Yes

Timer (REC/PLAY/SLEEP) Yes (- / - / Yes)


Dimmer Yes

Audio Line IN/OUT (Optical) 1 / -

Power Save Mode Yes

Audio line says optical in the specs, but on the receiver it also says TV.

Are there 2 types of optical in, one for tv and one for audio?

I tried the analogue way which is audio line in to PC and it worked fine. but only this optical thing is not working. I wonder why.

any suggestions


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No ...... optical in is optical in ... it just says TV because the vast majority of connections with an optical cable is going to be the optical out from a TV. Although that would be a good connection to make to ensure you have the Sony setup correctly for optical input. If that works, you know it's your PC settings or card that is the cause. Try various other settings on your PC video card to see if any of them work as well.

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You've cleared a lot of my doubts related to the optical out already. I did connect my tv through the optical in and I changed the setting ton my HTS and it still don't work, which means the receiver has a fault. There is another question I wish you can answer. When the play a song in dolby mode only the front and center speakers work, the surround ones don't. When I play a song in multi mode all speakers work except the center one. can u tell me what am i doing wrong here?
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