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Sony HW55ES shimmering Rainbows

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Hello all, as the titles suggests I am experiencing shimmering rainbows but I can only see them in bright white images.

I am using a Draper ReAct 3.0 screen and the shimmering occurs on all my sources (PS3, Xbox one, cable box) I am using Blue Jeans HDMI cables.

I had a plain old cheap white screen before and I could see this shimmering on that screen as well.

I just thought that was because that was a cheap and nasty screen.

Is this normal?

It's like when light enters a prism and splits in to the primary colours.

I thought it was because my projector was to close to the screen (3.35m throw) so I moved it back further (5.50m throw) but the shimmering remains.

Any ideas?

Thanks Adam
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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