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Originally Posted by readyfor3d /forum/post/20904896

this is the tv I'm really leaning towards anybody have this tv or can give me some reviews thanks!

I have it..and I love it. I owned 3 Samsungs before I finally settled on this one. Each one (6420 and 6900) had really bad flashlighting problems. Turning down the backlight didn't help.

While my HX729 has flashlighting in the two lower corners, more so on the left than the right, the local dimming turned on helps and 99% of the time in the dark, I don't see it.

I also love the one-button access to Netflix on Demand on the remote as well as Internet Video apps.

Picture quality out of the box is pretty dull but tweak the settings and you're good to go.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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