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I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my HTPC to display a 1080i signal to on my new Sony KD-34XBR960. Here's what I'm using:

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

Catalyst 5.7 drivers

DVI->HDMI adaptor into the TV's HDMI port (Video 7)

Powerstrip 3.61 build 520

I've read the following guides and threads, among others:

KEOHI Definitive SuperGuide to Custom Resolutions

AVS Forum REVISED: Custom Resolution Guide for 1080i HDTV-HTPC-POWERSTRIP-RADEON

I've tried as many combinations as I can think of; shooting for 33.75 KHz and 33.5 KHz horizontal scan rates, 30 Hz or 29.97 Hz vertical scan rates, keeping the vertical line total equal to 563 (and not). I've tried many settings, including lines like the following:




And most of them display a rolling, partially-synced image (the part of the image I can see looks fairly good). I've tried tweaking just about every setting in every direction with no improvement (if I go too far up or down I eventually get a black screen, so it seems like I'm close).

I can't use PowerStrip's "Advanced Timing Options" screen to do the tweaking, because I can't see the screen well enough to click on anything, so all my changes have been based on math and clipboard copying/pasting into the Custom Resolutions screen.

I can't understand why it should be this hard. None of the 1080i resolutions built into PowerStrip work, and none of the ones I've seen in forums or on web pages work either. I've also tried the Catalyst Control Panel's HDTV 1080i mode with the same result.

I can display 480p and 720p modes just fine (which the TV is probably upconverting to 1080i internally, of course). I get the same sync problems with 540p.

I've heard some discussion about this being harder to do with the DVI->HDMI interface, and that it's easier with component video. Anyone have any experience with that?

Can anyone post the exact settings they've used to get a working 1080i mode on this television through HDMI? I've got 8 more days to try to get this to work during the "full refund" period.


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with an ATI card you will need to wait until the 5.8 catalyst drivers are released

then there should be 1080i output support for DVI output

nvidia has had 1080i output over DVI since late last year or earlier

you can buy the DVI to component dongle from aTI

and output 1080i over component

there should be no quality loss using component vs dVI with your CRT
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