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I want to use my KD-34XBR970 with a home theater computer to attempt to watch Internet TV and to use my computer as a DVR. I am being told that the max resolution with this TV is 853X1080. I have been playing with the video card settings on my current desktop computer and found that I can set custom resolutions to use on a TV. My problem is that it ask for info I have no idea what to list.

horizontal pixels? 853?

vertical pixels? 1080?

GDI refresh rate?

bits per pixel?

I would appreciate any help with this. Also today I was at a Sam's club looking at LCD TVs. I watched several 37" sets with 1080p and I could not see any better picture on them than my CRT except for small lettering such as on the credits. Also while watching fast action such as a ball game seemed to blur and my eyes starting hurting. Is this the result of the stores lighting or is this just the LCD. Thanks
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