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Hi all,

I've just purchased one of these Sony 4kTV(65") and received it last weekend. I noticed the manufactured date on the back of the set stated 05/2013... 

Should I return the TV as it's almost a year old! Also the box which the TV came in seemed a bit worn..

The tape which sealed the box has "SONY" printed on, while looks legit to me there was another clear tape underneath the "Sony Tape".

I also noticed tiny scratches on the back of one of the remote(not very noticeable but they are there) . Called the store I bought it from today and the staff said they will contact sony and send me a new remote.

Should I be worried I may have been sold a refurbished/displayed set?

So far everything works fine.

The store is an official SONY dealer according to their website.


What was your experience like when you receive your set?


Many thanks in advance.
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