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hi there, I am newbie in this forum and my english is not as god as I woud like to, but i really need some help, before my wife kill me in spanish

so ill try to be very specific if you guys don't mine


I have a real big big problem installing my KDE61XBR950 sony plasma which is allready on the wall

i am remodelig the living room and I asked the architect to install a 2" conduit under the the floor and wall in order to instal the sony's vmc-p15 interface cable with two connectors (the black control connector and the DVI-D white connector) but he didn't and instead of the 2" conduit he installed three 3/4" conduits, so now i can´t pass the wire and connectors thru it

So I bought a 25' 24 wire multiconductor cable and cut the sony's black connector by the half and carefully made a soldering of every and each colored wire to it's equivalent in the multiconductor on one side and in the other, taking care of color codes, i tested and it worked succesfully

after that i cut the DVI-D cable by the half and made same job on it

but it did'nt worked. I checked continuity with my voltmeter on every and each of the pins before and wrote down which of the pins had information and which dont and after the job i checked them all again and they were exactly the same, but didn't work, I checked short circuits, and there was no one.

I noticed impedance is higher now, on the original it was 0.9, now it is 1.8

does impedance affects digital signals?

i got audio but not video

Since homes in mexico are made of concrete, finishes are already done, marbel is allready installed and finished on the floor wall papers on the wall etc, it would cost a small fortune to make the job on the floor again and there is no other option, I think, but make a home made DVI-D cable and soldering connectors at the end of cable once on the conduit

does any one have any experience making their own DVI cables,

or have a link on the net which can be usefull?

does any one can help?

is 25' too long? I really need only 18' long cable if I cut it to fit just 18' would it work?

Please, please, please help




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I noticed impedance is higher now, on the original it was 0.9, now it is 1.8
How did you measure the impedance, you can't do it with a multimeter.

Does the cable you used consist of 110 Ohm twisted pairs?

You wen't over the length spec.
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