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Sony KDF50WE655 vs. Panny PT-50LC14

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Well, I have narrowed my search down to the Sony KDF50WE655 and Panny PT-50LC14. The main difference for me is the built in tuner (sony), the VGA input (panny), and price (panny is ~400-500 cheaper). I will be using the HDTV with my Xbox and HTPC.

Is there any real advantage with a built in tuner over a external tuner, since I can get an external tuner for less than the price difference?

I've read some threads about HTPC's with the Panny, but I haven't seen any with the Sony. Is the VGA input any real benefit over component inputs? Does anyone have experience with the Sony and a HTPC??

Anyone have experience with Xbox's and either model?

Any other issues/comments???


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I needed 2 antenna inputs which the Panny doesn't have and so it was immediately scratched off the list. There is an LCX version of the Panny if you want the digital tuners. The digital tuner models have both ASTC for OTA and QAM for cable - it's much more convenient to have the built in tuners rather than outboard ones with separate power buttons and separate remotes. The Sony is a pain because they do things "their way". Also there is a nice Hitachi model which would be my pick of the 3.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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