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Sony KDG70xbr950 toe kick question

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I'm getting a new center channel and it is 6" in height. I would like to place it tabletp right under my 70: grand Wega, but with the toe kick extended, there's no way it will fit. The Sony Cutsheet show the GW XBR with the toe kick retracted.


There's nothing in the owner's manual that says anything about retracting the toe kick.

Does anyone know if this is possible and if it's safew to do so?


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The only way I would retract the toe kick is if I had the set cabled to the wall to keep it from toppling forward. With the plexiglass screen these puppies are front-heavy. You wouldn't want it toppling over on the kids, dogs, wife, etc. so be careful.
Elbert, I would love to see the same cut sheet for the XBR60. Can you post it as you did with the 70??

Thank You
I just swa a store display with the toe kick retracted. The set was stable. I still don't know how to do it.

I retracted the toe kick on my 60" XBR about four months ago when I wanted to mount it into a custom cabinet that I bought. It doesn't retract all the way back where it would disappear into the stand. It still protrudes out about 3" but doesn't protrude beyond the plane of the screen in front. My unit is very stable in this position. The talk in this forum about the unit tipping forward in my estimation are greatly exaggerated. I even tried grabbing the top of the screen and pulling on it (carefully). Nada...solid as a rock!

Anyway, to answer your question: I set my XBR on my cabinet and had two friends tip the unit back about 45 degrees and had them hold it there in place while I peeked underneath. I must admit, I was a bit nervous about doing this, but all went well. There is a metal rod underneath the toe kick that is spring loaded. You need to push back on this rod to release the springs from the detent position and the toe kick will easily retract into the base. It is somewhat similar to adjusting your car seat position by pulling on the rod on the underneath front of the seat.
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