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I have owned my sony KDL-40V2500for over a month now and so love it. Originally this was going to go in my living room, where guests can enjoy it. Before I bought the Sony I bought an hitachi Plasma 42hds69, which I also love, for the bedroom.

After having them both I have switched the Sony to bedroom and the hitachi to living room. Bedroom smaller and gets more use, siince I work lots.

Is viewing better on the LCD from 8 feet than would 12 feet be? I'm thinking of changing locs in the room?

When it comes to LCD's which sttings are the most vital? I've been playing with contrast, color and sharpness. contrast at 80%, Color 55%, and sharpess 45% seems to be the best mix, but I'm unsure and wanted other opinions, or ideas on other important settings. The Sony is great but it needed many adjustments out of the box IMHO
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