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Hello folks!

I have a Sony KDL-40V4100, it's a few years old now. It seems to have a weird problem with the backlight and I was wondering if anyone else with this set has had this issue.

When I'm watching a show like "Rome", which has a lot of dark scenes, the backlight brightness seems to "breathe" semi-randomly. You can tell it's the backlight, because the black parts of the screen change brightness along with everything else. I've gone through all the settings and nothing seems to effect it, even the Advanced Contrast Enhancer, which I understand is supposed to do this by design when enabled-- but I have it turned off.

The problem has become maddening to the point that I'm thinking of replacing the TV if I can't find a solution. Newer sets have much better contrast ratio, which is something I'm after.

So if anyone has any insight, please respond... Thanks in advance!
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