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I'm about ready to pull the trigger on either the Sony KDL-40VL130 (LCD) or Panasonic TH-42PC77U (Plasma). Any suggestions?

It will be used for video games and movies in my bedroom.

My choices are limited because I have a costco cash card that is paying for it and I don't want to go larger than 42".

The Sony KDL-40VL130: 1080p but not sure how good it is for gaming and fast moving scenes since it does not have a 120Hz refresh. LCD Pixelation?

The Panasonic TH-42PC77U: looks great but it is not true widescreen/720p(only 1024x768 essentially stretched out 4:3 right?) but is this noticeable or does it fake 720p just as good as an actual 50" plasma displaying 720p? I like the better blacks on plasma and the faster response time for gaming.

Please help!

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