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Sony KDL-40W2000

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Two recent good reviews of this model at:



Does it have a US equivalent under a different model number? Or has it just not been released here yet?
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I see from your other posts you had a lot of trouble with this model and from further reading so have a lot of others as well.

Maybe Sony will have a replacement in the coming months without all the problems.
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You're welcome. However, I wouldn't say I had "a lot" of problems. Both my V2500s worked flawlessly except for the clouding issue that seems to be prevalent with this model as well as the XBR2 line (X2000 outside of the US). In my case, the my clouding was noticeable during regular viewing with Sony's recommended settings to minimize clouding -- which is unfortunate since the unit does produce a very good picture otherwise.

I think it would be fair to guess that Sony will eventually address this problem as it has received attention in several 3rd party reviews (ie. CNET, HDTVtest) and also mentions it in their online support page (although they do not point out it is a problem).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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