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Local pickup only in 22903 zip unless buyer can arrange and pay for freight to have it picked up. In that case I can have it packed on a pallet for a small fee.

This is my first time using the AVS classified section but I've been buying and selling gear for around 10 years (private seller/gear freak). I have over 270 100% positive feedback on ebay, mostly as a seller, so if you're interested and have concerns PM me and I'll send you my ebay username. You can message me through their system to confirm it's really me. Also more than happy to get on the phone to answer any questions. Just send me a number and good time to call.

If you're looking at this ad you likely know something about the XBR8 but, in brief, it was Sony's cost-no-object statement piece created to compete with the Kuro but unfortunately was released right as the country was teetering on the possibility of the next great depression and ended up being discontinued before it had the chance to take its proper place in history.

Having an original MSRP of over $8000 it is still the only consumer product they have made using both tri-luminous lcd with full array local dimming. I bought this and the 46" version after they had been discontinued and, quite frankly, spoiled me for may years. When I needed something larger for my main room went through a number of well reviewed sets that disappointed when compared to the XBR8 before finally, in frustration, decided to just throw money at the problem and picked up one of the Elite LCD which I do think bests the Sony but mainly because I like the extra 'pop' you get from the glossy screen. The XBR8 has probably the best picture you will ever see on a matte screen and, for an lcd, is very good off angle with the image degrading very gradually as you get off axis compared to something like my Elite or the XBR950 I just purchased which drops off pretty rapidly once you hit a certain angle.

This one has a little over 10k hours on the panel but has always been on a high end voltage regulated power supply and performs like new. I put up all white, dark grey and black screens and uniformity is excellent. Cosmetics are great as well with only the slightest bit of hazing on the top (facing up edge) that you can see if you shine a light directly on it. Stand was never used and was still in the plastic wrap until I took the pictures. Rather than attach a ton of pictures here I created a section in my profile (link below). Unfortunately when I tried to take pictures of actual content my camera introduced moire type artifacts but I still included a couple in there just to give an idea of its ability to handle shadow (and overall) detail.

Size-wise this thing is a beast. Well over 100 lbs and proportioned more like an old school plasma than an lcd so keep that in mind when factoring in transportation and placement. Local pickup only with cash payment although I might be willing to make exceptions (on payment method, not shipping) if we talk and can come up with something that makes us both comfortable.

I currently own the Elite, a Samsung f8500 plasma and auditioned a Panasonic VT60 for about a month so I can do my best to compare and contrast if you have specific questions but your best bet is just to see it in person. I have a large selection of Blu Ray content and would be more than happy to set the Sony up for a full demo for any serious potential buyer.

Thanks for looking!

More pictures here
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