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SONY KDL-60R510A Calibration Settings!

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I got the Sony KDL-60R510A on Monday 3/2. I am waiting to mount this bad boy until I have everything I need on hand to hide the wires and what not. In the mean time I have been testing the picture using an antenna. I can see this set having great potential and looks very solid after my own tweaking, but I still have some minor issues I would love if someone could help me fix.

- Blotchy/Grainy black and dark content. (This is only noticeable in SOME black or dark content, other times the darker sections look deep and seamless)

- Consistent color transitions. (For example, light red fading to dark red shows "sections of fade" rather than being a smooth color transition, again only sometimes)

- Some color bleeding (Skin and other similar content can be over taken by a redish hue, again only sometimes)

- How can I make the colors seem a touch more vibrant without creating color bleed. (In comparing to my 46" Sharp from 09, the Sharp handles more vibrant colors without color bleed. Setting the Sony to not have any color bleed leaves it feeling a bit drab)

I know it sounds like a lot of issues, but they are all minor in nature. It would just be nice to have these areas perfected.

Here are my settings:

Picture Mode: Standard
Backlight: 5
Picture: 90
Brightness: 20
Color: 62
Hue: 0
Sharpness: 10
Color Temperature: Neutral
Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Motionflow: Off
CineMotion: Off
Adv. Contrast Enhancer: Off
Black Corrector: Off
Gamma: +1
Clear White: Off
Live Color: Off
LED Motion Mode: Off

Thanks in advance!


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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