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after searching and reading and searching..could those sony people with the w series or similar post there current calibrations in this thread to help out owners and newbs alike. thank you

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If "Wide" Color Space is used, white balance can be left at the default 0. The "Color" parm just needs to be tuned down as shown below and it looks very similar in quality to Warm2 with Standard Color Space which requires White Balance tweaks.

Note: Most advanced options are turned off because they cause more artifacting, blur, etc.

Sony 52W3000 version: M-BMN-A-H-C-D-L-A-N (Manufactured Aug, 2007) -- Sony's top of the line 2007 60 Hz model.

Directv HR20 DVR Setting

HDTV Native mode: on

HDTV 'TV resolutions': 480P thru 1080i on

stretch format: stretch


Picture Mode: Custom (default mode when game/txt mode is on)

Backlight: 7 (combined with LOW power saving setting -- see below)

Picture: 88

Brightness: 50

Color: 48

Hue: 0

Color Temp: Warm1

Sharpness: 30 (if the number gets too high, artifacting becomes an issue; adjust to your needs)

Noise Reduction: off (can cause blur)

MPEG Noise Reduction: off (can cause blur)

DRC: off

DRC Pallette: off (reality 30; clarity 60)

Advanced Settings

Black Corrector: off (enhances black nicely but washes out a little dark detail; adjust to your needs)

Advanced Contrast Enhancement: low (low only)

Gamma: off (can be useful)

Clear White: off (emphasizes white and light areas)

Color Space: Wide (Sony tuned for wide mode so white balance tuning not necessary)

Live Color: low

White Balance: 0 (Warm1)

White Balance for Warm2:

red-gain -5

green-gain -7

blue-gain 0

red-bias -2

green-bias -2

blue-bias 4

Detail Enhancer: off

Edge Enhancer: off

Screen Menu

Wide Mode: HD=full; SD=normal (the tv auto switches accordingly)

Auto Wide: on

4:3 Default: off

Display Area: normal

Video Menu

Motion Enhancer: N/A

CineMotion: auto (can be off if causing artifacting; if remote orange theater button is pushed, cinema mode & cineMotion is on by default)

Game/Text: on

Photo/Video Optimizer: default

Color Space: normal

Photo Color Space: sYCC

Color Matrix: ITU601

RGB Dynamic Range: auto

General Menu

Power Saving: LOW (I prefer low to save electiricity and bring out darks slightly; your preference)

Light Sensor: off (off because I don't have enough control of the range for all lighting conditions)

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I would recommend visiting the XBR4 Calibration thread which has a lot of useful info. True, the W3000 does not have the pro engine with the motion enhancement, 120 hz, etc. But apparently Sony has tuned the XBR and W3000 models in a very similar manner.

Official Sony XBR4/XBR5 calibration thread

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I'm curious if anyone knows how to do color correction in the service menu on this TV?

I've gone through the entire thing, and can't seem to find the RYR/RYB GYR/GYB settings or even an AXIS setting to change to fine tune the color like my old Sony had. There is one section in the SM called "Live_Color" but it contains about 91 different very similar adjustments that look like they might be helpful - if only I knew which ones to change.
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