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Sony KDL40XBR4 was struck by lightning. A tech told us to replace the AU and FB1 PCBs. They were purchased online and replaced. Now I have the following symptoms:

Full white screen - no video using Cable TV in or video input using DVD player

Sound is good on both inputs.

Onscreen info displys fine, such as "Cable TV" "Channel 4" "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" etc.

"Diagnostic Indicators" show all 0s - no errors.

Tried "Reset to default" - no change.

"Home" screen shows all setting options on a dark background which goes to all white screen when you exit.

These symptoms tell me a lot of things are working well - Hi-voltage, Low-voltage, tuner, backlite, audio, etc. I just have no video.

I have technical and repair experience, just not with LCD TVs. Any help would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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